Friday, April 22, 2011

Brewing Session - April 22, 2011

So, today I planned on brewing an American Hefeweissen from a recipe that I had previously made. The only change was, instead of making 5 gallons, I planned to make 10 gallons. Well, that was the first problem of today's brewing session. I only had 4 lbs of white wheat as opposed to the 8 lbs called for in the recipe. I just placed and order with Austin Homebrew Supply (AHS) and forgot to order more wheat. Duhhh! So after we finally got started I decided to only brew a 5 gallon batch. After mashing in and a 1 hour rest, I proceeded to dump the mash tun from the 5 gal cooler into the lauter tun with the false bottom. A fast pour and poor aim, resulted in about 25% on my mash on the floor of my garage! Boooo!

After cleaning up that mess, we finally finished brewing after 8 1/2 hours. Cody brewed a Belgian Ale and everything went pretty smooth for him. As for myself the rest of the brew session went, OK, but I didn't hit my original gravity or 1.046 and fell short by about 10 pts.  Oh well, maybe it will taste good anyway, right!

Here is a short video clip of my setup followed by a few pictures taken by my wife, Julie! Thanks for all the support! Love you!

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